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Apple Interactive Scrolling and Other Tips

Interactive Scrolling

I believe this feature was enabled in version 13 of the iPad/iPhone operating system. Interactive does not fully describe this feature. Think of it as better, faster scrolling on your device.

When you begin swiping with your finger or stylus, a small scrollbar appears on the right side of the screen. It is sometimes hidden by other objects on your screen, so you may have to swipe an inch or so before you can see it.

If you tap and hold on this scroll bar, it will widen and you can drag it upwards or downwards to scroll the screen at your own speed. If you use a mouse on your device, place the cursor near the right border of the visible screen and turn the scroll wheel. The scrollbar will appear in its widened format and you can drag it using the left mouse button. This feature works in web browsers and several other apps that allow vertical scrolling.

Safari Browsing Tips

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in Safari? Here's how to recover it. Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner, hold for a second, then release. A list of recently viewed tabs will appear, and the one you just closed will be at the top of the list. You can also tap the open-book icon to the left of the browser address bar. It will turn blue and open a sidebar on the left. Tap the icon that looks like a clock at the nine o’clock position to view your browsing history. Again, the tab you just closed will be first on the list, followed by other sites you’ve visited. Tap the site you need to re-open. Tap the blue, open-book icon to close the left hand sidebar and view the entire Safari screen again.

To see a snapshot of all open tabs on a single screen, tap the icon with one square overlaid on another, in the upper right corner. A rectangle representing each open tab will appear. While here, you can drag the rectangles around to change their order of appearance. You can scroll vertically if necessary to see all open tabs. Tap Done in the upper right when you're finished.


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