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About  GSRLC

Hi. My name is Lowell. I am a former volunteer with the Gwinnett SenioR Learning Center (GSRLC), a non-profit organization focused on technology education for seniors.


The website formerly belonged to and was managed by GSRLC. Gwinnett County, GA Parks and Recreation provided classroom space and GSRLC volunteers created and instructed various courses on Windows computers and Apple phones and tablets. The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting isolation forced GSRLC to cease its 25-year run in 2020.

During the closure process, the GSRLC Board of Directors expressed concerns about losing the website address and the possible implications of someone else controlling the address. I wanted to continue assisting seniors with technology. With the Board's permission, I assumed the website address and have begun developing the site.

From a layout perspective, the site focuses on seniors with its larger text sizes and simplicity. From an information perspective, the content is suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about today's technology.

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