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See Your Apple Watch on Your iPhone

Requirements: iPhone 8 or later with ios16 or later installed, Apple Watch 6 or later with watchOS 9 or later installed, phone and watch must be within Bluetooth range of each other.

You can mirror your Apple watch screen onto your iPhone and control the watch to some degree. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Apple Watch Mirroring, and activate the feature.

  2. You should see your Apple Watch screen appear on your phone in a few seconds.

  3. Going forward, you can triple press the side button on your phone to activate mirroring, avoiding going back into Settings as described in Step 1 above. Your watch must be awake to connect to your phone.

  4. To end the watch display, tap the X in the upper right corner, triple press the side button on your phone, or swipe the display off the bottom of the phone’s screen.

  5. You can tap the crown button on your phone's display, mimicking the action of pressing the button on the watch. You can swipe and tap to control the watch screen as well.

  6. Tapping the side button on the watch image brings up a list of apps you can swipe through. At the bottom of the list is an option to display all apps.

  7. A long tap and release of the watch side button will display options to power down the watch, activate Medical ID, make an emergency call, and perhaps a recently used action. Tapping the side button again closes these options.

  8. You can scroll by swiping the crown button. I have found the crown button to be a bit finicky at times, and requiring 2-3 taps to make it operate.

  9. Because the watch screen is bigger on your phone, tapping its screen icons is easier, especially in those times I can’t find my reading glasses. I also like that I can see remotely when my watch has finished recharging, when I'm in another room.


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