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Amazon Echo Device Tips

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Amazon Echo devices offer loads of convenient features, but can also intrude into our private lives because they are always listening for their wake word. Below are tips to regain some control over your privacy and other options you may wish to modify.

Privacy - In the Amazon Alexa app installed on your computer/tablet/phone, tap More in bottom right corner>Settings,>Alexa Privacy> Manage Your Alexa Data. I have:

  1. Enabled Deletion by voice

  2. Enabled Automatically delete recordings using the Don’t save recordings option

  3. Disabled Use of voice recordings to help improve Alexa

Purchase by Voice - You can enable Amazon purchases by voice. Tap More>Settings>Account Settings>Voice Purchasing>Enable Button. To stop the jokesters in your family from ordering 12 gallons of mustard on their next visit, tap Purchase Confirmation and use either a saved Voice Profile or a Voice Code, which is a four digit PIN.

Change Wake Word - Amazon devices use the wake word Alexa by default. If you don’t like this word, you can change it to Computer, Amazon, or Echo on a per device basis. Go to More>Settings>Device Settings, then tap the device whose wake word you wish to change. Before changing the wake work, look underneath the device name in top left. There is an option to edit the device name. Click if you want to rename the device, change the name and tap the screen in another area, or press Enter if you're using a computer or keyboard on a tablet device.

Now, scroll down the screen until you see Wake Word and tap. Choose the new Wake word on the next screen. The app will tell you it can take a few minutes to change the name and Alexa will tell you when the change is completed.


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