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Track Deliveries with Notes App

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Sometimes, the best finds are accidental and I had one of those a few days ago.

I received a UPS tracking number via email and clicked the link. I left the browser tab open on my iPad, hoping all I'd need to do is refresh the tab later to see the latest updates. Not a good idea.

When I returned to the tab, I saw the tracking number had disappeared and I had to re-enter it, or find the original email message and click its tracking link again. Instead, when I found the email, I copied and pasted the tracking number into a new note in the Apple Notes app. When I tapped Done to save the note, I noticed the tracking number was underlined, like a link. So, I tapped the "link" and next thing I knew a menu with Track Shipment and Copy options appeared. I chose Track Shipment and the UPS tracking site opened in my browser and displayed the latest status for that item.

Y'all know by now that I'm the curious type, so I found an old tracking notice from USPS and I added it to the same note. It too became a link that opened the same menu. Wasn't quite as surprised this time when the USPS site opened and displayed the package status. I didn't have a FedEx link to test, but I'll bet it works too.

Now, when I'm tracking deliveries, I add them to that same note and include a description, if I know which package is on the way. When a package is delivered, I add the delivery date to the line, triple tap that line to select the entire paragraph (usually a one-line paragraph), then tap Aa in the bottom right corner and choose the Strike Through option to cross the item off the list.

But today I found what I think is a better option - using a Check Box that's really a Check Circle. Before adding the first entry, tap the circle with a check mark in upper right corner and then type the entry. If you tap Enter at the end of the line, a new line with the Check Circle will appear, ready for you to type another item. I think you can probably select any previously entered items and tap that same icon to add the Check Circle to individual paragraphs (lines, in my case).

When the item has been delivered, tap its Check Circle. In a new note, you'll be asked if you want to sort by moving checked items to the bottom of the list - it's your choice. However, if you uncheck a checked item, it will not pop back up into the unchecked section of the note.

Before discovering this capability, I would save email messages containing tracking information, and then search for them and click their tracking link to get the package status. Now, I just copy the tracking number, paste it into my note and manage it from there. When I get too many completed items in the note, I'll just delete the oldest entries.


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