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Spotlight Unit Conversions

Spotlight is Apple’s Search function. I think the easiest way to open Spotlight on an iPad is to swipe downward on a Home screen between two columns of icons. If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel, position the mouse cursor between two columns and scroll toward yourself. On an iPhone, you can also use the swipe down method or tap the the Search button if one is visible at the bottom of your screen.

After Search opens, type something like “20 euros to usd.” By the time you type the “eur” you'll probably see this in the Search box: “20 eur=23.54 US dollars. You can try the reverse as well, by typing “20 usd…” you should see “20 usd = 16.99 euros in the Search box. You can try other monetary units as well. You can also convert weights, measures, and volumns. Try typing “1 kilo” and you'll see “1 kilo = 2.2 pounds” appear. Sometimes the actual conversion does not appear, but you'll see links below the Search box with links to possible answers. at other times, you may need to use the word "to" instead of the "=" sign.


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