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Safari Tab Groups

I keep various tabs open in Safari on my iPad for quick access to sites. I have my puzzle tab, tech site tab, and several other tabs open. Keeping these tabs arranged and easily accessible within one Safari window requires too much effort, so I use using Tab Groups for each of those categories.

To create a Tab Group, tap and hold (long tap) a Safari tab until a small window opens. Or, if you have an external keyboard with a track-pad, two-finger tap the tab. A menu opens and the first option is Move to Tab Group. Tap this option to reveal additional choices – New Tab Group, a button showing the number of open tabs not associated with a group, and existing tab groups. Make the appropriate choice for your needs.

To access existing tab groups, tap the sidebar button in the upper left corner, underneath the time. This opens the sidebar so you can access your tab groups. There are also options for private browsing, sites that others have shared with you, bookmarks, reading list, and history. Tap the sidebar icon again to close it. If you have an external keyboard, you can press Shift+Cmd+L to open and close the sidebar. The name of the tab group you’re viewing appears to the right of the sidebar button.


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