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I enjoy solving a few puzzles while having my morning coffee. here are some i solve almost every day.

Washington Post Crosswords - Usually, there's a video ad to watch before you get to the puzzle. Being the intelligent person I am, I let the video play while I'm preparing my morning Java, because forcing me to watch ads is one of my pet peeves.

There are normal crossword, a mini meta crossword, classic crosswords, etc. in links across the top of the page.I have an external keyboard on my iPad and I'm able to use its arrow keys to move between boxes within a given clue, the Tab key to move from clue to clue, the Space bar to switch from across to down directions. Check the Settings in the upper right corner for different configurations. The Drop Down menu in the upper left corner also offers options, like sharing, saving, etc.

Saturday and Sunday puzzles are generally more difficult than weekday puzzles.

USA Today Apple App Crossword - You'll need to install this app on your Apple device to work this puzzle. To find the puzzle, tap the Sections icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap Crosswords at the bottom. You may have to scroll the screen. Notice there's also a Sudoku puzzle available, but I find these puzzles are not update daily. Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner for various settings.

Chicago Tribune Puzzles - There are various puzzle types here, but I especially enjoy the Jumble Crossword Daily.


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