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TV Listings by TV24-My New Favorite TV App

Updated: May 3

Note: This app has not yet exposed the data it tracks. On its next update, Apple will force this app to disclose its tracking processes.

I don’t expect much from a TV schedule app. I usually just check each evening to see what shows are broadcasting new episodes. During football season, I check for games involving the teams I follow.

For many years, I've used the TV Guide app on my iPad. I was never fully satisfied with it because it took a long time to load, it displayed ads within the actual program schedules, and I could not arrange it so that the stations I watch most appeared at the top of the listings. I finally abandoned the app after its recent upgrade. The upgrade resulted in even slower loading and more taps and screens to view to see an evening’s listings.

I've tested TV Listings by TV24 for over a month, and I like it so far. It opens quickly, displays a full screen ad within a second or so, and I can close the ad and do what I need to do. Here's a pic of a schedule and a key to various sections of the app:

  1. Shows the “What’s On” option selected and the days of the week available for selection. I took this screenshot on a Thursday, so the day options include “Today” plus the next 6 days.

  2. The scrollable category sidebar for selecting various types of entertainment.

  3. A slider to adjust time of day. I typically slide to 8 PM and then check for the evening’s schedule. Note the “Now” button provides a quick way to see listings for the current time.

  4. An unobtrusive ad I can live with.

The main portion of the screen shows three-across schedules for various networks. I've arranged the schedules so NBC, CBS, and ABC appear at the very top. I have other networks listed below, in their order of preference for me.

I used a disposable email address to create an account, though it’s not necessary, to see if I’d get bombarded with email messages. I didn’t.

The app allows you to follow shows and receive reminders. I've not been successful with reminders, but I don’t care, because I check sometime during the day to see if new episodes are available. My brain’s two active memory cells are still capable of holding the information until evening viewing time.


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