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Flashlight on Your Wrist

Do you know the Apple Watch has a flashlight, just like your phone? And to me, it’s easier to access than the flashlight on your phone.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the watch until you see the flashlight icon in the left column. The icon is just below the yellow walkie-talkie icon and it usually takes two swipes for me.

  2. Tap the icon, and your watch face will turn white. The light will illuminate when you turn your wrist away from your body.

  3. There are three modes, and you access them by swiping left on the watch face. The first mode is a steady white light. The second is a blinking white light. The third is a red light.

  4. To turn the light off, swipe downward or press the crown once.

I wear my watch while sleeping, so it’s quite handy if I need to find the bathroom while avoiding stepping on our black dog. It’s bright enough to be useful, but not bright enough to wake my wife.


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