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Excel is a Square

Uses: Calendar Grids, Print your own graph paper

Here are two ways to create square cells in Excel. In either method, you can begin with Row height or Column width. I begin with Column width.

Drag Row and Column borders to the same pixel size

1. Select all cells pressing CTRL+A on your keyboard.

2. Drag a border between two columns to the desired width. Note the pixel number. Drag a border between two rows to the same pixel value.

Use Page Layout View

  1. Press CTRL+A to select all cells.

  2. On the Ribbon’s View tab, select Page Layout in the Workbook Views group.

  3. Right click a column letter, click Column width, enter a value. You can specify inches by following the entry with double quotes or “in” without quotes. Specify centimeters by adding “cm” without quotes. Click OK.

  4. Repeat using a row number and the same value as column width.

  5. Click Normal in the Workbook View group, then click any cell to deselect all cells on the worksheet.

  6. A dotted vertical line indicating a page break appears along the right border of a column. Its location depends on the column width you set.

  7. To remove this page break, go to File>Options>Advanced>Display options for this worksheet, deselect Show page breaks, and click OK.

  8. Save the workbook.

Caveat: The second method may not produce exactly square cells in Normal view. Column width and row height may differ by 2-3 pixels, so some dragging of row/column or column borders is required. Excel apparently uses character sizes to calculate row height and column width in Normal view. Still, the second method does allow you to initially size cells based on inches or centimeters, which are more familiar measurements


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