• Lowell

Apple Watch Tip Calculator

Updated: Aug 23

If you have trouble figuring tip amounts and also have an Apple watch, you’re in luck. The watch’s calculator app will compute the tip amount and also help you split a bill among several people. I’m not sure when the tip feature became available. My watch is a version 6 with WatchOS Version 7.5.

  1. Open the calculator app.

  2. Enter an amount.

  3. Tap the Tip button that’s just above the digit 9.

  4. Scroll the watch crown to adjust the percentage tip you wish to pay. The total amount is displayed at the bottom of the watch screen as you adjust the percentage.

  5. Tap the People text box and scroll the crown to indicate how many people are splitting the bill.

  6. As you change the number of people, the cost per person appears below the total amount.

  7. Tap the X in the upper left corner to go back to the calculator screen main screen.


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