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$1728 Dollars Richer

Updated: Aug 23

No, this is not a come-on or scam. But before I go further, please verify what I'm about to tell you by going to your state's Treasurer or Department of Revenue website and confirming a claim before processing. You will probably have to enter a Social Security number as part of the claim process - I did.

Back in May, I read an article from the CNET review site about missing money. I had used the Missing Money site before, so I decided to take a peek. I searched my old home state of Georgia, found my name, and filed a claim. I was quite surprised to learn my former employer owed me $1728. In about 10 days, I received and deposited a check for that amount. I was never able to determine why the employer owed me the money, or why they had not notified me. They have my current address and phone number.

Missing Money has a search box on its main page where you can enter your name or a business name. It will search all states. Further down the page is a US map of participating states. (Be careful not to click the Start button just above the map - I'm not sure what it is about, but it's not part of the search process). Below that is a tabular list of participating states. You can also just search for your state's Department of Revenue or Treasurer website and then look for unclaimed property search links. The map at Missing Money lets you click former states of residence or states where family/friends live, to search for their names.

I'll be buying some Arlo outdoor security cameras and a new iPad Pro with my cash infusion. That's more tech I can review for you.


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