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I will be adding posts over the next 2-3 days. They will include/cover the next installment of my prostate cancer experience, Apple Mail Drop, Apple Shortcuts, new tips on Windows 10, and other topics. Click the Blog link above and check the top rows for the most recent posts.


The easiest way to see today's new posts is to click the Blog link in the main menu above. Six new posts are displayed on the first two rows of the page. These posts include two new prostate cancer posts, tips on iTunes, Windows, using a mouse with an iPad, and Roku devices.

The Roku post is located on a new, Miscellaneous page. I  Use the More menu to find that page.


The menu has expanded to add several category pages, including my prostate cancer story. A More option is also added to accommodate additional pages in the future. The only option currently under More is the Subscribe link, which also appears at the bottom of each page.

The Blog link opens a page that shows all posts.

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